I have to admit, that I enjoyed more Italian wine from many producers. I like to offer to my readers and for all Italian wine enthusiasts some „tasty” recommendations. Every, bottle or glass with red Italian wine reminds me my trips to warm and beautiful Italy.
There are several Italian wines that impressed me with a unique taste and flavors. Cheers!

Santinumi. Marchesi de Cordano. Riserva 2013

Montepulciano d'AbruzzoAnother delightful Montepulciano d’Abruzzo from the hills of Teramane. I want to tell you from the beginning, that the empty bottle, weighs a kilogram; what about the full one? It has a slightly opaque red color with delicate shades of purple. A wine that develops warm flavors such as sweet black fruits, harmoniously doubled by vanilla and cloves. The notes of black ground pepper are also present in the glass. An impressive and elegant character. Medium acidity perfectly integrated with the alcohol level of 15%. Tannins are alive, still in force, even if they have calmed down a little. A long and creamy aftertaste, but full of fruity and spicy impressions.

Valdobbiadene DOCG Prosecco Superiore Brut Caneva da Nani 2017

Italian wine If you’re already missing the hot days spent on the seaside with a glass of Prosecco in your hand, surely the Caneva da Nani sparkling wine will awaken your senses and pleasant memories. An invigorating sparkling wine of pale yellow color, which develops aromas of white fruits such as green apples, doubled by white flowers. Fine pearls with small, delicate bubbles. Medium acidity, soft and fresh structure. The finish creates an intriguing sensation. On the one hand, the palatine vault is cooled by a fresh impulse, and on the other hand the taste buds sense some creamy touches. You can buy this wine from us!

Lepore Montepulciano d'Abruzzo. Riserva 2013

Italian wineA Montepulciano d’Abruzzo from the famous Teramane hills, Italy. Red ruby color with light shades. At first, it seemed quite austere. Gradually, it opened and become more generous in flavors. Sweet black forest fruits are dominant, such as cherries and plums, and then the plum jam aromas appear. I have identified other delicate notes, such as tobacco and sweet wood. Average, balanced body, with medium acidity. The aftertaste is spicy, pleasant and delicate.

Masi Amarone Classico Costasera 2012

The classic version of an Italian Amarone produced from varieties specific to the Apennine Peninsula, such as Corvina 70%, Rondinella 25% and Molinara 5%, matured in barrels for 18 months. It has a crimson color with light reflections – an attractive color that simply seduces you. The nose is dominated by sweet black fruits, cloves, chocolate and some delicate caramel traces. The nose of sweet black fruits and candied plums can be identified in the taste, being doubled by discreet spicy shades.

A pleasant, round, slightly spicy body. The tannins are strong, but pleasant. The higher acidity, which is more specific for Italian wines, suits the alcohol level of 15%. Spicy finish conveying the sensation of a fresh dry red wine.

Tocco Montepulciano d'Abruzzo. Azienda Agricola 2017

montepulciano d'abruzzoThis Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is a young wine with a different style from the others wines listed above. It seemed intriguing to me. An intense, opaque color. The nose is dominated by ripe black fruits, wet soil, leaves, with discrete vegetal notes. The taste is full, fresh and pleasant. A slight acidity, but balanced alongside the alcohol level of 13,5%. Delicate and fresh finish. It’s a wine that prefers to be consumed young and can be harmoniously combined with culinary stories.

Foss Marai Surfine Cuvee Brut with fresh aftertaste

A sparkling wine from Veneto region, Italy. It is a wine which is slightly different from classic Italian version, even if it is produced by the Charmant method, which includes varieties such as Glera 70% (Prosecco grapes), Chardonnay 20% and Sauvignon Blanc 10%. It has a pale straw colour with light and bright reflections. The nose comes with shades of white flowers such as acacia, linden flowers and is delicately accompanied by notes of honey.

The quince flavours are present as well. The taste seduces the consumer with its invigorating character and its sweet and spicy shades. This wine has a slight acidity, but it is successfully integrated  in the 11.5% alcohol. Smooth and continuous bubbles. A delicate, sweet and fresh aftertaste.